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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pillowcases and felt

 My 7 and 8 year old sewing girls made pillowcases last week for their project. It depended on how much fabric we had as to what technique I had them use. We used the tube pillowcase tutorial and then my favorite pattern from Quilt Taffy. Arent the monkey's cute?

My projects for the week were to get some things ready to send off in a box for my Granddaughter's Birthday. So I made her and her brother capes out of felt. The batman pattern came from here. The lady bug was just felt strips stacked just right and sewed together with binding. I satin stitched the dots on. Felt is so soft and easy to sew up.

Kiwi's crown was the funnest of all. She loved everything. Her crown is the first thing she puts on in the morning and the last thing she takes off. She calles herself Queen Kiwi Ladybug. So cute.

So without further ado:  Presenting Queen Kiwi


  1. Hello Shelly! Lovely projects again and your grand-daughter is adorable!! Have a lovely week :) xx

    1. Thank you Christine, That's so nice to hear.