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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little cuties

These are some cuties that I've been working on for quite some time now, I finished all of them and put them together with their sashings, ordered the border fabric and now I impatiently wait. This pattern from Jenny of elefantz is adorable and fun!

 I can't wait to see this all done and cuddly. I super enjoy micro-meandering stitches in and around the embroideries so I'm excited to get started. The back has yet to be decided on for the shop that I ordered the fabric from didnt have enough.
 These pajama pants were fun to make and only took me an hour. No modeling for you here. Not my thing. I am considering having my sewing girls make themselves a pair since they were so easy.

Here we have a Thank you card that I made for my sewing girls to sign and give to my local Quilt Shop for donating two beautiful, wonderful sewing machines to our sewing group.....Her generosity and hard work is so endearing to me, for to see the looks on these girls' faces when they hear the whir of a new machine, and find out that is was given to them is utterly priceless. You can just see the appreciation in their eyes.

Today we girls get together and I plan on talking over new goals and all of the things that they saw at the fair. We'll write them down and start a new year by ordering some fabric or kits online that they can do in class to fulfill their sewing dreams and goals for the next year.