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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Duffel bag for Tammy

I made this duffel bag for my neighbor Tammy's Birthday. I put a zipper in it, (whoa, brave for me) and its loaded with pockets on the outside, It's lined with the same fabric, (my husband's old camo pants (cheater). I put short straps on it so my not so girly-girl friend next door could "load it up" for her target practices that she loves to attend, and it would hold up, and NOT look like a purse.

I would've liked to have remembered to take pictures of the inside and back for you, and I would've like to put pink piping all around. The back has nice big buttoned pockets and I made a drawstring bag to go with it for her binoculars or camera for trail riding. Maybe next time I could make the bottom and sides a little more boxier.

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