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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Getting Ready for the County Fair

Well these girls are rockin' it! Getting their fair entries ready for the County Fair...They're finishing up their last minute stitches, refining their closures, making sure everything is clean and ready for judging. Our first picture here, is a Pocket Pillow Quilt on the machine getting quilted.  Below is some thread painting getting done on a little Lamb that will be stuffed.
Aren't they just special?

This is such a wonderful time of year where the children get to show their crafty loves and be proud of themselves! Intent on furthering their craft by seeing the judges remarks and making things better next year. Because as I tell them, "It's not all about winning." It's to help learn and improve ourselves for better tomorrows.

I like to think that the judges' remarks are just their opinions, but as we choose our future projects, we ultimately decide what our craft is and how our art turns out, with the judges opinions just a wee part in the back of our head, of which I'm so thankful for.

We hope that Everyone is enjoying their local County Fairs as much as we are!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To Inspire

To Inspire is what I enjoy doing most of all. Teaching young girls to love the art of sewing and quilting and designing for themselves and just doing what makes them happy while creating.

Just by letting them 'jump in' and start sewing I can almost see their wheels turning in conjunction with the whir of the machine. I imagine their projects being designed in their head almost immediately.

I've been teaching up to 15 girls how to sew and quilt and this is a mug rug that one of my 8 year olds designed and made for her mother. I've pinned her sketch to the sewing room wall and it hangs there still to inspire me and all the other girls that come through.

I have these girls for about 3 hours in groups of 3 or 4 , 2 and 3 days a week. There is research for the snack to be had, and making the snack for them of course. Pinteresting for hours looking for just the right project for them, that they'll all love and shopping, that's always fun. Then the gathering of supplies and sorting them out. All in waiting for the day that they come and we all get to sew together.

This has really felt like such an adventure to keep the art of sewing alive!

My next class will be 4 girls ranging in age from 6-11 and we are finishing up some sun hats that we started last week. I'll be back to let you in on the snack I chose and finished projects at the end of the week. See you then.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just what I've been looking for

Well here I was just looking for a way to get to know more new bloggers and Patchwork Allsorts posted on Facebook about a cute little Blogmeet at Lilysquilts. SCORE!

If you have less than 50 followers and would like to meet more bloggers just go to her blog via her button that I've added off to the right and get more information on how to join us! It's easy!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Clara and Jenny's generosity is so appreciated.

Here they are~Clover & Violet's Patterns that I did won First place Champion Ribbons 2 years in a row. These embroideries are loved by all. Very precious and they have them free on their website.

 While trying to make quilting decisions for this quilt, I'm super pleased with the micro stippling that I did in the background of the embroideries, it really made the motifs pop out. I also wanted to try to make some scrolling look like garden gate scrolling. Knowing that needed to be done in black scared me to bits. I wasn't sure I wanted to quilt in black but I think it worked.

Aren't the little flowers so sweet.  Thank you again Clara and Jenny.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

County Fair Quilts 2013

My Elk quilt won first place at our County Fair. And this picture taken by Moriah is absolutely gorgeous. We had a lot of fun. I haven't said much but I have been keeping myself busy by teaching 15 girls here in my hometown how to sew. There were many entries to be had and it was so fun seeing all of the girls' things laid out with ribbons on them. I don't take pictures of them and their things for privacy sake, but believe me they are very talented. We had Best of Show winners, Champion winners and many 1st place winners. It was all very fun.

Here is another quilt that I made with another QAL by Clover and Violet called Garden Steps.  I won another First Place Champion ribbon with their pattern. Isn't it beautiful. I'll blog more with pictures tomorrow, but head on over to their website and see all of their pretty things.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So Blessed

I'm so thankful today for my photographer, for without her I would have never been picked for Best Photograhed Quilt by!  We've had so much fun together and I'm so proud of her. She has a heart of gold, and such a bright future. Thank you Moriah for all of your hard work, and I pray that you will get to do what you love, often and can make a career out of it if you want to.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Editable Notepad Tutorial by Geri Jewitt

Here have a wonderful Lady offering a free Editable notepad in which she's asked us not to mass produce but to be sure that we link back to her name and product with some elbow grease and at least as much thought as she has put into designing these free goodies for us. Geri also has a shop with lovely things inside, You should check it out.

 Well since I am a Post Office worker and I appreciate hand written letters and communication with others the old fashioned way. I wanted to really Thank you Geri for offering these things online and keeping the eye to eye contact and formal lines of communication open.  You even took the picture with Stamps!

Now to be sure, I am not very well educated with blogging and I'm not very popular, any help with etiquette would be greatly appreciated and I hope I did this right.