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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three little traveler bags

I was wondering what I would ever do with this National Parks fabric and then one day I saw this tutorial at tidbits. I had so much fun making these for my Grandkids Talon, Daven and Kiwi. The way that they just hang onto the headrest of the seats in your car and detach so easy  are just as handy as pockets on a sock! The kids can just take them into the doctors office with them and have something to do the whole time, providing they have packed their bag with some great stuff!

This was such a nice pattern/tutorial and so easy to follow. The one and only thing that I did different was that I made all of  the top pocket into two pockets, instead of one big one. The hardest thing for me was finding as big of buttons as I wanted, but who doesn't love going through their buttons? I do!
Anyway visit Cami's website, and whip up some of these for yourself............

If I knew how to post these on Cami's website I sure would. I would take anyone's advise or Cami's response.

Have a Great Day everyone.

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