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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Editable Notepad Tutorial by Geri Jewitt

Here have a wonderful Lady offering a free Editable notepad in which she's asked us not to mass produce but to be sure that we link back to her name and product with some elbow grease and at least as much thought as she has put into designing these free goodies for us. Geri also has a shop with lovely things inside, You should check it out.

 Well since I am a Post Office worker and I appreciate hand written letters and communication with others the old fashioned way. I wanted to really Thank you Geri for offering these things online and keeping the eye to eye contact and formal lines of communication open.  You even took the picture with Stamps!

Now to be sure, I am not very well educated with blogging and I'm not very popular, any help with etiquette would be greatly appreciated and I hope I did this right.

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