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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

County Fair Quilts 2013

My Elk quilt won first place at our County Fair. And this picture taken by Moriah is absolutely gorgeous. We had a lot of fun. I haven't said much but I have been keeping myself busy by teaching 15 girls here in my hometown how to sew. There were many entries to be had and it was so fun seeing all of the girls' things laid out with ribbons on them. I don't take pictures of them and their things for privacy sake, but believe me they are very talented. We had Best of Show winners, Champion winners and many 1st place winners. It was all very fun.

Here is another quilt that I made with another QAL by Clover and Violet called Garden Steps.  I won another First Place Champion ribbon with their pattern. Isn't it beautiful. I'll blog more with pictures tomorrow, but head on over to their website and see all of their pretty things.


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    1. Thank you Linda, That Majestic Elk graces atop our bed, It's the perfect addition.