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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Labels Labels Labels

 Well our left over Labels are not good anymore if they had the year of your quilt on them, It's time to make new ones!  I make all different kinds and I've been taught by many about how they make theirs. 
I get asked, often, about how I make my Labels so I thought I would show some and tell you about my 'go to' one that I make. 

 I used a paper-backed fabric that I can run through my printer and I printed my blogname on it and my actual name and the year. As you can see in the first picture (top right).
I do a zigzag stitch on each side and fold it in half, and iron.....

When I'm putting on my binding I put the raw edges of it even with the raw edge of the back of my quilt and proceed to sew my binding on as usual from the front first and then fold over to the back where this label will be.....Where on the back of the quilt do I put my label you ask? The bottom right on the side usually, but that's only because I always start my binding on the right side front so I just put it there to get the finaggling over with.

 This Appliqued Bumblebee was designed by: Lori Holt...I was part of her QAL in 2013. 
 This is a business card that we will hopefully be making a label for....One of my Sewing Girls (12yr. old) designed this for herself for she has big plans of becoming an Entrepeneur of Sewing and Crafting.
 This Label was made with my sewing machine and it's lettering capabilities....Be sure to back it with some stabalizer first....Make plenty and just tightly zigzag around the edges and applique it on....So Fun.
 This Label was right smack dab on the front of the quilt because it was actually one of the 12 embroidered blocks in the quilt. Isn't that Super Cool? 
And then you can totally just take one of the blocks from the front of your quilt and make an extra one...I stitched these with thread but you could type your story on a square like I talked about. And just like this one below. 
The complete story is typed on this one it just has alot of people's names on it so I didn't want to publish them. 

 So tell me which one or technique is your favorite of the one's that I did, And please please tell me how you do yours if you have a favorite way.

Because Label we must, so be diligent and try your best. Our future will thank us.


  1. Hi Shelly! Happy New Year to you!! I love your labels.... I am not very good at labelling the items that I make and this has certainly given me some ideas! Thank you! :) xx

  2. Hi Christine, And a Happy New Year to you too, wishing you the best in 2015.