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Sunday, February 8, 2015

These just make me smile

 This little doll is so dear to me as is the girl that made her. Her color picks are so adorable and her ideas are just fun!

 I enjoy having all of these girls in my home for these reasons.  

Don't they look like they're ready for a slumber party?  

 These little guys were a great idea to make too~We had so much fun watching them come to life......

                                     Hedgehogs and Walruses and Moose were promptly attached to her backpack the next morning to join her for her school lessons and a little show and tell I am sure.

 Now here is a recycled project that one of my girls 
is having fun with. She brought in some old wool 
sweaters and she's making little wallet/pockets
out of them and learning how to sew button holes.
Nice huh?

Three of the girls are making a rag quilt for one of their baby sister's to be.  I cut out the batting and backing squares to go with some flannel charm squares, stacked them up and gave them to the girls on 3 different sewing machines to quilt them up for me.....The soon-to-be big sister is in the process of sewing them together for us....We have alot of threads to clip and the seams to snip, but what fun we are having assembly line sewing for the wee one to be.


  1. Its so nice that you are teaching a new generation about the love of sewing. I am sure they will get tons of enjoyment like we do. Love the little animals, so cute

    1. Yes, We do love to sew don't we. It is the hilight of their week their mothers tell me.

  2. Hello Shelly! The dolls and little creatures are just so cute! I can understand why your girls like coming over to sew with you! What a fantastic job you are doing sharing your talent with them!! Have a great week! :) xx

  3. Hi Christine, Thanks for stopping by....There are so many projects that we are doing I cannot wait to show them all. Thanks for checking back all the time. See you soon.

  4. Izzy put them on her backpack immediately. They really are adorable. You are awesome!

    1. Sara, I'm so glad she's so proud of her creations. She does a really good job!