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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Camara is no good!

I have gotten so many things done on my new Husqavarna sewing machine and I am so ready to really be a blogger but my camara is messed up. This is really the only decent picture Ive gotten. I finished this lovely patio table quilt and it was fun!

I also finished a beautiful bear quilt for my brother and got that sent off. And Ive gone bag crazy!
Want to see? even if the pictures are awful?.

I'm also starting a new craft that I've never done before. Embroidery! Thanks to the inspiration of my Best Friend who has shown me how to do all that I know. Siss! I just love her. Also thanks to Clover and Violet.....Our blissful lives' blog. She has an embroidery quilt along that she hosted awhile back. I wasn't around back then. But I am sure glad I can still access it.

Maybe my camara is the operator, Im not sure, but I will work on it and try to get better at it, But the real sad thing is, Is that that bear quilt was sooooo made with perfect stitches on my new machine and made with aurifil thread, how sweet that is!! That thread!


  1. Awesome! There's your red! I love the bags, what pattern is the top one?

    1. Sara It's called Gathered bag tutorial at It was really fun. Thank you for asking, I knew I should've looked it up to put on my post.