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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Those dreaded granny fabrics Im trying to get rid of

Here is my start to getting rid of my stash. Remember the quilt is Here that I am making. The gray fabric in the bottom left corner is my background for the stars. Today I get to start sewing them all together. I cant wait, I hope it still sparkles with it being calicos and from my stash.

I did change the size of each star to 41/2 inch squares so I only needed 48 instead of 80, and 8 singles, 4 doubles and 8 halves (or 3/4 stars) for the ones that are running off of the quilt. I wanted to be able to use my accuquilt Go! cutter, What fun!
I wasn't sure if I had picked an easy stash project at first, but I think that was due to the fact that I decided to change the size of it all so I started out with a piece of graph paper and drew a quarter of my pattern with the new size to be sure of the math. Now I have cut everything out and sorted out how to organize everything and I think it's coming right along. I'll be sure to link it up at Oh Frannson! when I am done.

Ok so this is the reason Im tired of old fabric and I want to get new! I just got these patterns from my local quilt shop. Thank you to Cozy Mountain Quilts, Katy and of course Amanda Murphy! So NOW do you see why I want new fabric, that old stuff just won't work. I'm so excited.

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